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Level 1. Not too hot. We made this for the general public.

If you have not become a big fan of 2ot chillies, this one will get you started!

In addition to growing our own chilies, we also produce an eclectic bunch of salts, jams and sauces.

They are all made with our own chilies and we try our best to  locally source the rest of our ingredients.

Fresh Chilli available too

We specialize in the cultivation of chili plants, which we grow in our farm here in El Arish.

We grow a variety of chilies that range from mild to super hot but we mainly use the Habanero variety.

We focus on flavor

Welcome To 2ot Chillies!

We focus on the flavor before heat although we do make some ultra-hot stuff. All our products are available in wholesale quantities, and our fresh chilies are available in small quantities whilst in season. We re also happy to wholesale our products to you for white-labeling.  If you would like to become a supplier then please do get in touch with us.




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Laura Parker

Social Worker

Seriously...there is no comparison. There is no other hot sauce out there like this one. I lived in Guatemala where I could get stuff like this at every corner store readily...for 10 years. Then I moved to "civilization" where folks think that "Tabasco sauce" is hot sauce. I have tried every other hot sauce out there thinking there has to be something else the same...but no. There isn't. 2ot Chillies's is "hot sauce"...yes...but it's not really about the "hotness"...it's about the "flavor". There is nothing it does not make taste better...and nothing tastes the same without it!

John Smith

Software Engineer

I bought this based on the rave reviews. I love hot sauce, on pretty much everything. However some of them are too heavy on the vinegar (which then the sauce just changes the taste of the food, not what I want) or just "heat" without flavor. This one has heat AND flavor! I like hot, but not super hot and this one fits the bill perfectly. Beats any hot sauce I have tried, hands down. Highly recommend this one and will buy again before I run out!

Wendy Jacobs

Wedding Planner

....the “bartender” gave us a taste of your sauce and we thought it was great so we bought a bottle! We have used it on eggs and breakfast potato’s, and are getting ready to mix it with a burger! Just wanted to say what a great sauce it is! Congrats to you! Keep up the good work and let’s get some retail locations everywhere in Australia!

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