Whether bringing down the house at your meeting or banquet, bringing up the energy in your conference session, or bringing in the crowds at your trade show booth, we combine our expertise in magic, juggling, bubble artistry and puppetry to create customized presentations that get your messages seen, heard and remembered. Our sophisticated and customizable performances are the perfect solution for your group's marketing, team-building, company functions.


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A shuffled deck of cards are spread evenly on the table. The magician pulls out a card at random and names it before turning it over face up. The audience members are perplexed.

This is repeated three times much to the audience members growing curiosity.

The deck of cards are then handed to a spectator to be mixed and returned to the performer. Without any seemingly false moves the magician spreads the deck face down and pulls out a card and names it before turning it face up like before and he is once again correct.

To add to the tomfoolery a card is FREELY selected, lost into the deck and handed to the spectator to mix up as he pleases. When he is satisfied that there is no way for the magician to know the location of the selection, the deck is handed back to the magician. The magician spreads the deck just like before and pulls out a card. The suspense mounts as the spectator is told to name his selection. The card is turned over and is found to be the FREELY selected card. Absolutely unbelievable!

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