Whether bringing down the house at your meeting or banquet, bringing up the energy in your conference session, or bringing in the crowds at your trade show booth, we combine our expertise in magic, juggling, bubble artistry and puppetry to create customized presentations that get your messages seen, heard and remembered. Our sophisticated and customizable performances are the perfect solution for your group's marketing, team-building, company functions.


Are you looking for an amazing entertainer, keynote speaker, conference energizer, or breakout session facilitator?

Is your group ready for the best in mystery entertainment for corporate and private events?

Do you want to generate more leads and more on-message buzz at your trade show booth or product launch?

Does your party, wedding, or reception need quality entertainment ... upscale fun, even on a budget?

Magic Tricks

Make an unforgettable first impression with anyone you meet

Have the confidence to approach and attract many new friends

Most Extensive 'Fast track' Street Magic Lessons

Make extra money performing in the streets, bars, restaurants and at private parties!

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Do incredible street magic like David Blaine. Interested in strong, visual, "in-your-face" magic you can perform at school, on the street or in the clubs? Extreme Magic brings you over a dozen of today's most powerful street magic effects. Tricks you'll be ready to do anytime, anywhere, to amaze old friends and new. While a few of the effects and techniques do require some practice to master, you'll be able to perform most right away. These are David Blaine's most closely-guarded effects from his internationally-acclaimed "Street Magic" TV special.

And now you can learn how to do them, too. Extreme Magic is the original, runaway magic best-seller that has already sold many thousands of copies worldwide.

It is available EXCLUSIVELY here and features step-by-step, photo-illustrated instructions that make mastering these astounding effects a breeze.

Don't be misled by poorly produced and written imitations that offer little more than inaccurate explanations of David Blaine's "secrets." Only Extreme Magic teaches you the correct way to perform these effects and at a fraction of the cost of comparable instructional materials.

Learn over a dozen powerful street magic effects at your own pace. These are the same tricks which stunned television audiences around the world! Anyone who watched David Blaine's Street Magic TV special knows the power of these street magic tricks to elicit gasps of amazement. To make jaws drop. Imagine being able to seemingly levitate yourself inches off the ground, anytime, anywhere. Or, to make your arm appear to rotate around a full 360-degrees. Howabout having the ability to predict a number someone is merely thinking of with uncanny accuracy or make a selected card vanish from a deck one moment and reappear almost anywhere else you can think of the next - including taped to a window or in someone's purse or pocket. Bend spoons seemingly by the power of thought alone, make spirit messages appear on your arm, make a card change with a snap of your fingers, cause cigarette ash to travel from your hand to a spectator's closed hand, and more.

All of these effects are not only possible. They are fully explained and taught, step-by-step. We even provide special performance tips and suggestions, where needed. What's more, these tricks are suitable for all skill levels - even beginners.

No expensive magic props to buy

That's right. There's absolutely nothing else to buy. If you own a deck of cards and a few common household items, you already have everything you need to do these tricks.

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