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Whether bringing down the house at your meeting or banquet, bringing up the energy in your conference session, or bringing in the crowds at your trade show booth, we combine our expertise in magic, juggling, bubble artistry and puppetry to create customized presentations that get your messages seen, heard and remembered. Our sophisticated and customizable performances are the perfect solution for your group's marketing, team-building, company functions.


Are you looking for an amazing entertainer, keynote speaker, conference energizer, or breakout session facilitator?

Is your group ready for the best in mystery entertainment for corporate and private events?

Do you want to generate more leads and more on-message buzz at your trade show booth or product launch?

Does your party, wedding, or reception need quality entertainment ... upscale fun, even on a budget?

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Make an unforgettable first impression with anyone you meet

Have the confidence to approach and attract many new friends

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Make extra money performing in the streets, bars, restaurants and at private parties!

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Company Events

Solomon is available to host your events.....

Conference Organizers and Meeting Planners

Are you looking for an amazing emcee, show host, or a master of ceremonies??

Event Planners and Club Managers

Is your group ready for the best in light hearted entertainment for corporate and private events?

Trade Show Managers and Marketing Teams

Do you want to generate more leads and more on-message buzz at your trade show booth or product launch?

Private Event and Party Planners

Does your party, wedding, or reception need quality entertainment ... upscale fun, even on a budget?

As meetings and events get more complex, the input of a skilful MC like Solomon can be integral to an event’s success. Not only does he bind the occasion together with warmth, knowledge, humour and style, Solomon has proven to be a great asset to many an organiser. Emcees like Solomon often bring a different perspective to how you planned to run the event and he acts as a de facto stage manager whilst you are possibly off attending to other logistical requirements behind the scenes.

Solomon understands the importance of proper lighting, staging, working with sound and video production teams, the flow of meals and how event entertainment must be coordinated through a co-operative and flexible approach to each event.

And if it's an opening ceremony,seminar or an outdoor promotion, Solomon will get your company's points across with clarity, confidence and conviction to ensure that all present understand clearly the key points. Ensuring the smooth flow of an event on stage, is extremely important for the reputation of your company.

Solomon will ensure the correct pronunciation of unique names and the acknowledgment of your special guests, suppliers, contributors or sponsors.

Solomon believes in giving value for money to all his clients who engage him as an emcee. One of the most important factors in creating a memorable event is to make sure that your guests start having fun right away…within minutes of their arrival.

From Product Launches, Seminars, Opening Ceremonies, Company Staff Parties, Road Shows, Promotions, Conventions and Team Building Programmes and Weddings. Solomon can provide an event that is peppered with fun and audience participation.

What would an event that he is hosting be without some games? Not to worry as Solomon is armed with old time classics as well as updated material that is sure to satisfy your attendee’s craving for more fun. Whether inging down the house at your meeting or banquet, bringing up the energy in your conference session, or bringing in the crowds at your trade show booth, Solomon combines his expertise in magic and communication to create customized presentations that get your organization's messages seen, heard and remembered.

His witty, sophisticated and customizable corporate magic is the perfect solution for your group's marketing, team building, or celebration event. Click here to find out more about his Stage Magic Show. Conveniently based in Singapore but with direct flights to most major national and international cities, Solomon is ready to help you attract more leads, motivate your employees, recognize your volunteers, recharge your management team, reach out to new customers, or simply provide clean, clever and classy entertainment for any corporate, civic or private event you can imagine.

Tying the knot this year? There are not many times in a person’s working life when one will share a loving, intimate moment in the life of one’s clients. However, for a wedding MC like Solomon, these cherished scenes are part of the job description! Because of this consistently unique chance, the job of a wedding MC is nearly always a privilege to perform. As a Wedding MC, Solomon helps create an image of lasting happiness. The memories that two people will carry with them for the rest of their lives will be influenced by the work of the MC and all the other professionals working on their wedding day. There are few industries that operate in such caring conditions and boast such a romantic environment.

As an example of the powerful emotional nature of this event, Solomon can vividly remember many more wedding receptions than he can recall memories of corporate MC jobs. This is because love leaves enduring traces upon the human heart – memories of love, linger forever.

The guests do not want an MC who is there to steal the limelight. Their friends are the bride and groom, and they want the MC to show that he or she appreciates this by showing deference and creating a sense of intimacy and sexiness.

The memory of a wedding reception will always contain a comment about what the MC was like. This might be the very first time that many of the guests have witnessed a good MC like Solomon in action, and they are often astonished to discover the difference this professionalism can make to the overall success of a function.

A large part of the responsibility for creating this success falls to Solomon. There are many and varied duties he performs, one of which is making a collection of people from different origins and age groups, who are there for different reasons, feel comfortable enough to let their hair down and rejoice.

The individual guests will often know only a very small group of people, and they may have little in common with each other, apart from knowing the bride and groom. This eclectic combination of people makes a wedding reception a special challenge for an MC to gauge. They can range from young pageboys and flower girls to elderly matriarchs and patriarchs; from work acquaintances to school day buddies and from long-time neighbours to personal friends of the parents. Everyone at a wedding loves the free drinks and may be tempted to celebrate wildly, but at the same time they do not wish to accidentally offend or embarrass the bride and groom on their special day. The children will be desperate to slide along the polished shiny dance floor, but their parents will forbid it because they have just spent half a week’s wages on their child’s first formal outfit.

At the same time, at least half of the group will be feeling emotional because a new personal threshold has been reached. Friendship will be redefined forever when the bride and groom depart at the end of the reception. It behooves the MC to bring this nervous group of partygoers together and point them in the right direction. Throughout the event, the Solomon continually adapts to the changing energy and happiness levels of the bride, the groom and the guests. The wedding reception is unique in that it is an extended celebration that can last up to seven or eight hours.

Therefore, besides everything else Solomon does, he ensures that the high points are spaced out and do not fall together at one time. Solomon monitors the ebb and flow of the event and thus give everyone time to recover and get ready for the next high point.

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