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Whether bringing down the house at your meeting or banquet, bringing up the energy in your conference session, or bringing in the crowds at your trade show booth, we combine our expertise in magic, juggling, bubble artistry and puppetry to create customized presentations that get your messages seen, heard and remembered. Our sophisticated and customizable performances are the perfect solution for your group's marketing, team-building, company functions.


Are you looking for an amazing entertainer, keynote speaker, conference energizer, or breakout session facilitator?

Is your group ready for the best in mystery entertainment for corporate and private events?

Do you want to generate more leads and more on-message buzz at your trade show booth or product launch?

Does your party, wedding, or reception need quality entertainment ... upscale fun, even on a budget?

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Make an unforgettable first impression with anyone you meet

Have the confidence to approach and attract many new friends

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Solomon Performs Sleight of Hand Magic Tricks, Cardistry, Mentalism

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Cabaret or Stage shows are a great way for a lot of people to see some great magic in a relatively short space of time. Often a close-up magician who has performed street,  strolling or table magic before hand will also be requested to do a 30 to 45 minutes cabaret act after dinner.

There are many different styles of cabaret magician - comedy, traditional manipulation act to music, mind reading etc. The type of event you are organizing will dictate the type of cabaret magician you will require. You also see cabaret magicians at comedy clubs, cruise ships and also occasionally at motivational events where the magic is combined with a motivational speech.

Drawing room or Theater shows were almost a dead art for nearly a 100 years. They were immensely popular with the Victorians where the gentry would all gather to watch a conjurer perform magic. In recent years it is coming back into fashion at private parties where a magician may perform after dinner for 30 minutes or so. This is a taste of days gone by and is close enough for apparently no shenanigans to be going on yet far enough away to use larger effects for everyone to see. This kind of show is most related to a cabaret show but the effects are smaller and it is more interactive as the audience in only a few feet away.

Unlike other stage magic shows where tricks are simply demonstrated one after another, Solomon’s Stage Show is a narrative-themed event lasting thirty to 45 minutes. This full-scale show is a polished, energetic act - complete with clean comedy, magic and wild mind reading. Packed with audience interaction, this program can be customized for your group or event. Guaranteed to outdo dessert. Solomon’s most requested performance is a 30 to 45 minute show, but he can easily adjust to your requirements.

Solomon Performs Sleight of Hand Magic Tricks And Is Available To Do...


Solomon is a world-renowned performer with a list of high-profile clients. Whether it’s performing  at a Full-Tilt Poker Tours or a personal performance for his celebrity friends, Solomon strikes them all in the most vulnerable place...the mind. That’s right. Solomon can also perform, at your event, a mysterious  art form called MENTALISM.

This show focuses on more elaborate schemes of popular psychology, verbal & non-verbal communication, intuition, mild hypnosis and body language. Solomon has spent countless hours studying various psychological techniques such as Ivan Pavlov¡¯s classical conditioning; that allow him to guide people's thoughts and be attuned to subliminal clues that might reveal what they're thinking.

In his performance, Solomon creates the illusion of extraordinary cognitive & mental abilities, such as performing rapid mathematical calculations, reading a persons mind, moving objects by thought alone and accurately predicting a future event. The show is a collective voyage into the unexpected and the inexplicable.

It brings people together in a unique experience in which they are slightly unsettled by witnessing something that is so impossible to explain, while at the same time thoroughly enjoying themselves. A master of telekinesis, thought reading and telepathy, Solomon will even have members of the audience successfully perform these impossible feats themselves! Venturing into and out of spectator's minds, animating and altering inanimate objects, and being willing to experiment in all areas of the paranormal, he seems to effortlessly defy the laws of nature.

His performances sweep people out of ordinary reality. "Could this possibly be for real?" people ask themselves after the dust settles and they regain the ground under their feet. After all, they witnessed it with their very own eyes! His light-hearted approach to these serious demonstrations catches even the most resolute of cynics off guard. The show is interactive and presented in a lighthearted yet mystifying manner and is an in depth demonstration of the mysterious powers of the mind. It will have you baffled and thinking about it long after the event is over.


Due to the stage hypnotist's showmanship and their perpetuating the illusion of possessing mysterious abilities, the appearance of a trance state is often seen as caused by the hypnotist's power. The real power of stage hypnosis comes from the trust the "hypnotist" can instill in his subjects. Subjects have to cooperate and be willing to follow instructions. Some people are very trusting, or even looking for an excuse to abdicate their responsibilities and are apparently able to be 'hypnotized' within seconds, while others take more time to counter their fears.


In a stage hypnosis situation the "hypnotist" chooses his participants carefully. First he gives the entire audience a few exercises to perform and plants ideas in their minds, such as:

These suggestions are designed to overcome the natural fear of trusting a stranger with the greater fear of becoming an object of ridicule as one who is unintelligent, unsociable, and joyless. Out of the crowd the hypnotist will spot people who appear trusting, extroverted and willing to put on a show.

The hypnotist starts them off by having them imagine ordinary situations that they have likely encountered, like being cold or hot, hungry or thirsty then gradually builds to giving them a suggestion that is totally out of character, such as sing like Elvis or cluck like a chicken.The desire to be the center of attention, having an excuse to violate their own inner fear suppressors and the pressure to please, plus the expectation of the audience wanting them to provide some entertainment is usually enough to persuade an extrovert to do almost anything under a light trance.

When asked to tell people a little bit about hypnosis he has this to say…

“There’s a lot of academic debate about what hypnosis is. The truth is, it does not matter. For practical purposes it is a state of hyper-suggestibility, in which a person will lose their inhibitions and follow the directions of the hypnotist while they are on stage. Personally, I believe it is a state of social compliance rather than trance – they know what they are doing and go along for the sheer fun of it. Which is why sometimes, rather than trying to put my volunteers into a trance, I work on getting them to do what I tell them. I want my inductions to be as fast as possible so it doesn’t slow the show down. I have come up with what I think is a unique approach for difficult groups – small gatherings or stuffy businessmen or awkward weddings, etc. I sometimes don’t mention hypnosis and the show is presented as a game show on the theme of suggestibility. Yet without any inductions, the volunteers do everything I ask…”

Solomon performs sleight of hand magic tricks, cardistry, mentalism and hypnosis at your Birthday Parties, your company’s Annual Dinner & Dance and where ever your party takes us.

Solomon also provides entertainment for Road Shows, Charity/Fund Raising Shows, Weddings, Product Launches and Anniversaries!

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Discover how we can transform your next meeting, conference, trade show, corporate event or private party with the perfect "WOW factor" - an unforgettable touch of magic, gravity defying skill and mind boggling science!

Whether bringing down the house at your meeting or banquet, bringing up the energy in your conference session, or bringing in the crowds at your trade show booth, we combines our expertise in magic, juggling, bubble artistry and puppetry to create customized presentations that get your organization's messages seen, heard and remembered. His witty, sophisticated and customizable corporate magic is the perfect solution for your group's marketing, team-building, company functions.

Conveniently based in Singapore but with direct flights to most major national and international cities, we are ready to help you attract more leads, motivate your employees, recognize your volunteers, recharge your management team, reach out to new customers, or simply provide clean, clever and classy entertainment for any corporate, civic or private event you can imagine.

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